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The global businesses climate is changing. Customer expectations are evolving. Employees are harder to find and retain. Disruption is round every corner and companies need to traditional industries need leaders who can navigate and operate effectively in challenging times.

In 2014, our founder, Sophie Henderson, was catching up with a business colleague who had left the corporate world to set up their own business. It has gone very successfully, growing from startup to 200 employees within just four years. But with that growth came new (and largely unexpected) HR and personnel pressures.

In large corporate megaliths with layers of corporate structure, there are established HR systems. But in many private, family and founder-run businesses, those systems do not exist. Sophie immediately saw the gap for a new type of HR consultancy: one that provide impartial, current and accurate advice to private businesses.

Derigo Solutions was born.

OUR Name

In Latin 'Derigo' alignment.

As our world changes, talent becomes more scarce and technology disrupts the workplace, the one thing that will not change is that successful, fast-growing businesses are aligned. The company knows where it is going, its employees know where it is going and everyone is pulling in the same direction.

Whenever we work with companies, that is what we are trying to achieve: full and complete alignment.

About SopHie Henderson

Sophie founded Derigo Solutions in 2014.

A dual British-American citizen, Sophie grew up in UK and studied Business Technology and Management at Vermont Tech. After college, she worked for a large privately owned property investment firm for five years in their Human Resources department before joining a medium-sized food retail company as Head of HR. 

In her 30s Sophie had a yearning to return to the UK and relocated back to London, working in the banking sector before moving to become head of HR at a fast-growing wealth management firm. In 2013, she jumped into consulting work and has, since then, advised some of the UK’s largest and most energetic companies.

Sophie also support selected startups and social enterprises pro bono.